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Add Comments to HTML

e-Book Computer – In each programming language there is usually a feature to add comments to HTML certain lines of code, Add Comments to HTML, usually comments are used to indicate a line so that it is not displayed as a comparison for other codes, or to provide information on the source code, for example in HTML, usually used to indicate the opening tag and closing tag because there are already many lines created in it so to see which opening or closing tags are usually rather difficult.

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Make Comments in HTML

Comments on each programming language will not appear on the screen, only as a text that is not executed even though it is a process code, to make comments in HTML <! – and -> characters are used, for example as below.

<! DOCTYPE html>



<title> Sample Comment Making </title>

</ head>


<h1> HTML comments </ h1>

<! – <p> This is an example of a dummy text that was comment on. </ p> ->

<p>Lorem ipsum carrots, enhanced rebates, but they do and in pain, and vitality, so that at some important things too.

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</ body>

</ html>

From the code example above, the comment will not appear in the browser, but if you still want to see it, you must see the source code in it or with view source in a web browser.

The code above shows that the line that is comment does not appear in the browser, there are many things that can be used in giving this comment, for example, to inform other programmers of a variable data type or what process is running, because HTML is a Client-side language then as the user can still see the comment, the way is to view the source in the browser CTRL + U or Right-click View Source, for example displaying comments in HTML with view source.

Tags that are commented will be marked in green and italics, indicating that the line is a comment and not displayed in a web browser.

So this tutorial, hopefully, it can be useful and can be used as well as possible.

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