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How to Install Windows 8 and 8.1 Step by Step

Before discussing how to Install Windows 8 and 8.1 along with the image, there will be a little explanation about the meaning. Windows 8 and 8.1 is one graphical operating system created by Microsoft to be used by personal computers such as PCs and laptops. Clean old installations or Update New installs are the easiest way to reinstall Windows 8 so you can delete the existing operating system, then in a new way, in other words, it will delete the entire system on one partition, including if there is a virus, the system is completely clean of a virus.

How to Install Windows 8 and 8.1 Step by Step this applies to every edition including basic, home, professional, corporate, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Preparation Before Starting the Installation

General commands for Windows 8 installation requirements :

  • Note the minimum device specifications for installing Windows.
  • Know 32-bit or 64-bit processors.
  • Must prepare a Windows driver that allows it to be used.
  • Prepare the most important and only application or program for your computer or laptop, because after
  • Windows only provide limited programs or software. Or you can download a collection of free software here.

Note :

When starting the installation, you will need to “boot” first from the “CD / DVD” drive if you use the “Windows 8 Installer CD / DVD” or from a USB device if you use a Flashdisk.

For those who want to access using Flashdisk can be seen here. Install Windows 8 from the flash disk.

Before going forward, there are a number of articles that you might be looking for.

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Okay, for those of you who have not been able to install Windows, try following a few steps below. And for your convenience, in this tutorial, the author also includes the pictures.

How to Install Windows 8 and 8.1 on a PC

To install Windows 8 or 8.1 on a computer and laptop:

1. Turn on the computer or laptop.

2. First Boot Set. “Boot” or “Boot” First in the BIOS Menu on a laptop, notebook or computer. Diverse BIOS MENU DISPLAY According to BRANDS.

How to set it in the “BIOS” menu and to enter “BIOS” press continuously “Del” quickly when the computer/laptop is turned on, while another button “F1 / F2 / F9 / F10”. On some laptop brands, it may also be while the “fn” key together with “F1 / F2” etc., so that the button works.

In the “BIOS” menu look for “Boot”. Make sure the first Boot on the DVD, if using a DVD, or the first Boot on the Flashdisk if using a Flashdisk. Specifically for installing Windows 8 with a Flashdisk, first enter the Flashdisk before the computer starts, so that it is not detected.

3. After Boot Settings are correct, save “save” and “restart”, it will appear as shown below, press “ENTER” to start the installation process.

4. Language and Approval Options, choose the language “English”, then click “Next”.

5. Installation Confirmation. Click “Install now” to start the process.

6. Enter “Product Key”, usually this code is on a DVD wrap when buying or asking when buying.

7. Confirm approval. Click the lower left a small mark as an “I accept the license terms” agreement.

8. Select “Custom Advanced”. This is done so that the installation is completely new or “fresh” from the start and free of viruses.

9. Settings The partition is done to select Windows 8 on a special partition as desired. The previous Windows system partition can be deleted or “deleted” and replaced with a new partition. Partition settings can be done by partitioning a certain partition, then the rule button will be available.

“New” for Making New Partitions.
“Delete” to delete partitions.
“Format” to Format Partitions.

Note: Look in the Video for more details provided above.
Please note, Make sure that you do not need a lot of data, do not need to be careful, and if you can not save important data first on the Flashdisk or other safe places.

Set the cursor on the desired partition to install the new Windows 8, then click next as shown above for the installation process.

10. Start the installation of Windows 8.

At this stage it will take place automatically, then it will restart automatically several times and just let no one click with the next step image.

Note: If there is an “error” in this process (getting the file ready for installation), that means the memory is not good, you can try the process again or replace the memory.

11. Select Personalization or “Personalized Windows 8”, you can choose to display the window and name the computer.

12. Configuration or “Settings”. This setting can be selected “Quick settings” faster.

13. Create a new account or “account”, just choose “create a local account”

14. Make a Name for the user or “User”.

15. Wait for the application setup process or “Application”, it will automatically enter the application included in the package.

Display Windows 8 after going through various installation processes.

The following is the appearance of the Windows 8 desktop, 8.1. This screen appears by selecting the desktop display on the home screen as shown above, in the lower left corner or by tom upside down

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