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JavaScript Basic Sciences Guide For Beginners

e-Book Computer – In the first tutorial about JavaScript Basic Sciences Guide For Beginners, I will discuss the Definition and Function of JavaScript in Web Programming. As well as the development of JavaScript to date.

Understanding JavaScript

JavaScript is a web programming language that is Client Side Programming Language. Client Side Programming Language is a type of programming language whose processing is carried out by the client. The client application in question refers to web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The Client Side programming language is different from the Server Side programming language like PHP, where for the server side all program code is run on the server side.

To run JavaScript, we only need a text editor and web browser application. JavaScript has features: high-level programming language, client-side, loosely typed and object-oriented.

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JavaScript Function in Web Programming

JavaScript at the beginning of its development functions to make interactions between users and websites faster without having to wait for processing on the web server. Before javascript, every interaction from the user must be processed by the web server.

Imagine when we fill out the registration form for registration of a website, then click the submit button, wait for about 20 seconds for the website to process the form, and find a page stating that there is a form column that is still not filled.

For purposes like this, JavaScript was developed. Processing to check whether all forms have been filled or not can be moved from the web server into a web browser.

In subsequent developments, JavaScript is not only useful for form validation, but for various more modern purposes. Various animations to beautify web pages, chat features, modern effects, games, everything can be created using JavaScript.

However, because it is run on the client side, namely in the web browser used by site visitors, the user can fully control JavaScript execution. Almost all web browsers provide facilities to turn off JavaScript, or even change existing JavaScript code. So we cannot depend entirely on JavaScript.

Current JavaScript Development

In its development, JavaScript has the same problems as the web programming code that is client side like CSS, which is dependent on the implementation of a web browser.

The JavaScript code that we create, it may not work in Internet Explorer, because the web browser does not support it. So the programmer must work extra to make the program code so they can “outsmart” support from a web browser.

Because of this, JavaScript initially included a complicated programming language, because it had to make some program code for various web browsers.

However, in recent years, JavaScript has shone again thanks to the convenience offered by the community of programmers who create JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. This library makes it easy for us to create JavaScript programs for all web browsers, and make advanced features that previously required thousands of lines of program code to be simple.

In the future, JavaScript will still be a programmer’s need, especially for the current site that requires many modern features as standard.

In the next JavaScript tutorial, we will become acquainted with the history and development of the JavaScript version.

Okay, all of your friends. Enough of this article about the Understanding, the functions and the workings of the latest CSS, hopefully useful.

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