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Understanding Selector CSS

If in the previous stage we discussed how to enter the CSS code into HTML, next time we will discuss the definition of the selector, each language certainly has its own rules, the rule usually signifies a syntax of the identity of the programming language,

In the rules of writing programming code, of course, we must obey, because if it is not, there will be an error or at least the code that has been written will not work at all because of a basic rule error in the programming language.

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In this tutorial we will discuss the rules for the understanding selector, this tutorial is very important for beginners because from here it can be explored further to develop abilities.

Understanding CSS Selector

The selector is an HTML tag that is used on CSS so that the element can be manipulated or added style to CSS, the selector can be an HTML tag itself, or it can also be a value of the attribute class or id in the HTML tag.

In the selector there are two important parts that need to be understood, the part is property and value, between these two parts is the core of CSS, how does an HTML element have an attractive design style, to be able to do so governed by property and value.

What is Property …?

Property is a type of style or style name for determining the style of an HTML tag, with the property being an HTML tag can be changed to CSS properties, for example, adding color, background, text-align and so on. Lots of properties that can be used to manipulate HTML elements so that web design is more attractive.

Then, the meaning of Value …?

Value if the Indonesian language means value, yes … it’s the same as in CSS, the value serves to determine the value of the property when declining css, for example, the color property, then the value that must be given is the color name, the color name is director also hex code. Examples are as follows:

selector {property: value; }

From the information above, it should be easy to understand, but the author has prepared a picture to clarify the purpose of the statement, which is about the definition of selector, property, and value. Here’s the picture …

Understanding Selector CSS
Understanding Selector CSS

The picture above should have clarified the prior art more clearly, so we can be sure css learning should be very easy.

Before going forward, there are a number of articles that you might be looking for.

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