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Understanding SQL

e-Book Computer – The things we need to know before starting to learn the database is good to know in advance the language used in writing data manipulation commands in the database, Understanding here we will discuss the meaning of SQL. Just know the term SQL? let’s review the meaning of SQL.

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language used to execute commands for manipulating or accessing data in a database. SQL is usually referred to as Query, can SQL also be used for MySQL DBMS? Of course, all DBMS in the world use commands called SQL, this term is common for naming database languages.

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This SQL includes computer languages that follow the ISO and ANSI (American National Standard Institute) standards, which were first established in IBM in 1970, these standards did not depend on the machine or computer users. In general, all software or database software (DBMS) understands SQL or knows SQL, so that commands on each database software almost have the same command.

In general, there are 3 (three) types of SQL Commands that can be used by SQL, namely: DDL (Data Definition Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language), and DCL (Data Control Language). The following is an explanation and list of each SQL command :

DDL or Data Definition Language

DDL is a SQL command that deals with defining a database structure, in this case, the database and table. Some basic commands including DDL include :


As the name suggests, the create command is used to create something, in this case, the database and table.


Alter commands are used to change structure or change information. Alter commands can be used for databases or tables.


The rename command is usually used to change the table name if a table wants to be renamed.

  • DROP

The drop command is used to delete, so when using this command, you must be careful because a drop can access databases, tables, columns, indexes, procedures, and others.


DML or Data Manipulation Language

DML is a SQL command that deals with manipulating or processing data or records in a table. SQL commands included in DML include :


The select command is used to display data in a table in a database.


The insert command is used to add data to the tables contained in the database.


Updates are used to change data or modify data contained in tables.


The delete command is used to delete data or records in the table.


DCL or Data Control Language

DCL is a SQL command that deals with user manipulation and access rights (privileges). The SQL commands included in DCL include :


The grant command is used to give access rights or permissions to users in the database to be able to access the database. In addition, the grant command can also be used to add users or new users to the DBMS.


The revoke command is the opposite of the grant command, the revoke command is used to delete or revoke permissions.


The explanation above is only limited in part to Understanding of SQL and Commands that are generally used in accessing or manipulating databases. This article can be used as a shadow if we want to learn database queries.

Before proceeding, there are a number of articles that might be looking for.

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